Bricks & Mortar Coffee Co is a boutique coffee roaster located in Mount Gambier. We are passionate about quality coffee experiences from bean to cup.
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Do you want repeat customers for your cafe?

Wholesale Coffee

What is going to set your cafe apart from the rest? Quality and Consistency is what your customer wants. Deliver quality from grind to cup with a coffee experience for your customer that sets you apart from the rest.

Bricks & Mortar Coffee will work with your cafe to create a unique taste with a Single Origin or Blend that will set you apart. We will work with your employers to get a quality pour everytime. Equipment, service and coffee to set your cafe up for success.


Check out the coffee podcast with interviews, tips and knowledge to keep you learning about all things coffee.

Have an event coming up? Our Coffee Cart will make it memorable.

We treat you like family. Exceptional Coffee and Experience.